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Julien @ Brussels

12.30AM I’m all packed, got a long day ahead of me when I wake up in 6 hours

7.50AM – Took a train to Brussels on Friday and went to visit the good folks at the OX² web agency. Let me tell you that travelling 7 hours is not something I do without proper motivation

10.00AM — After a few prayers and a healthy dose of wishful-thinking, it seems that train users these days cannot care less about the no-cell-phone guidelines. Not only did a fellow travellers three rows back have an obnoxious ring tone to the tune of the “Cucaracha”, he pretty much yelled out his credit card PIN to about everyone in the train…

I’m trying to optimize my battery usage but it seems I only got 10 minutes worth of electricity left so I’ll sign off for now.

1.30PM — After much SNCF employee confusion in Lille, I got to the Lille Europe station where I caught the EuroStar mere seconds before it left the station and, lo and behold, the controller waved me into first class, free – until further notice!! Merci beaucoup!!

I always enjoy the more modern train cars (or the first class ones, whichever I can afford) because they have electric outlets in which I can plug my laptop. Glee! ^_^ Currently typing those lines from seat 35, with a window view of the Belgian country side zooming by, as our bullet train makes its way to Brussels.

There is a group of senior/elderly – and ostensibly bourgeois, I might add – Brits and their grandchildren, chatting away and exchanging recipes, discussing their grandchildren’s future careers. They apparently do not think much of plumbers, firemen and astronauts. Pity, really.

2.00PM – The controller hasn’t come round again so fingers crossed!! René and Aurélie are already kind enough to have me over so if I can save them the expense, all the better!

I’m really looking forward to seeing them again. I like the way they approach Web Analytics and I’d definitely like to know more about OX², even though I had a good overview last time I visited with them.

WebTrends seems fascinating in its new On Demand version. The last time I used WebTrends, it choked on my Apache log files and spurted out meaningless reports. It now appears that it made its way into a market leadership since then. I’m more knowledgeable in Omniture and Google Analytics but I just set my brain in “sponge mode”. 🙂

2.15PM – The Belgian GSM provider Proximus eventually managed to get things straight with SFR and I can now place and receive calls to/from Belgium on my mobile phone. Expensive as hell. Which meant I just HAD to place calls every minute to make sure it worked. And there was much rejoicing.

3.00PM – I arrive at OX² right on schedule ; what happens next is between Aurelie, Rene and myself 🙂

6.30PM – Aurelie and Rene kindly drop me off at Brussels South station and there ends my trip to Brussels; the return trip is uneventful 🙂 (phew)


Why you need to educate your customers…

… even when they’re not technical at heart!

Continue reading ‘Why you need to educate your customers…’

This calls for Jack Bauer

… as soon as he gets back from China!

Can you believe we have to wait until January for 24 to begin its 6th season?

Why, oh why? It’s bad enough that we have to wait until October for Lost and Desperate Housewives to resume 😦

Oh well, I got Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and The 4400 to keep busy in the meantime 🙂

Lazy Sunday

…. so my post titles are not original, sue me 😛

Last night’s turkey soybean stirfry (and the liberal amount of cayenne pepper my brother added) kept us up long enough for a vivid game of Uno. Then we realized 2AM would be a good time to call it a night. 🙂

Add to this a terrible weather forecast over the entire week end, so we indulged in a decadent brunch at Le Pain Quotidien.

Back home now and enjoying the peace and quiet of our living room, reading the Zen of CSS by Dave Shea.

This 4-day week-end has been a relaxing one so far, which is great because my upcoming work week looks like it is going to be yet another stretch of boredom.

More news from the home office on Monday 🙂

On a side note, Mr Pibb and Redvines = crazy delicious indeed

Lazy Saturday

My brother and his wife came down to Grenoble so we went around on the tourist route.

Vegged around in bookstores, picked up comic books.

  • Lunch: rare steak in a scallion sauce and ravioles
  • Supper: turkey soybean stirfry… with the last of Val’s Delirium Tremens.

Upgrading WordPress

UPDATE: upgrade went smoothly. yay ^_^

brace for impact!

France and Stephen Clarke

I had a great time reading Stephen Clarke’s two books, A year in the Merde and Merde Actually.

I think the image in the link below illustrates the irony in Clarke’s books.

Link: Wullf Morgenthaller

Welcome to Julien Coquet’s blog!

This blog is titled Negligible Quantities, after these small details that you always miss... and that end up messing up your plans!

Web culture in general and Web Analytics in particular depend on details. Most of my posts relay information that consists of details of importance to me.

I am Country Manager for France for the Web Analytics Association (WAA)

Bienvenue sur le blog de Julien Coquet

Ce blog est un espace où je parle de ces petits détails chers à mes analyses du Web.

Vous y trouverez des billets sur mon humeur du moment, mes coups de coeurs mais aussi mes coups de gueule :-)

Je suis responsable pour la France de la Web Analytics Association (WAA)

Le nom du blog, Negligible Quantities, est inspiré de Manu Larcenet et de ses Quantités Négligeables

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