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When religion and decency don’t mix

I’m a straight male. I get my fair share of exposure to material deemed sinful and unlawful in other cultures : violence, sex, drugs, alcohol, Richard Gere kissing an Indian starlet on the cheek… You get my drift.I like to think I’m fairly open-minded. Being a very early Internet user, at a time when anyone could publish virtually any piece of information in this brave new cyberspace.

In that respect, the Internet is very much like Voltaire’s dream come true, when the French philosopher declared: “I may not agree with you but I’ll fight to the death so that so you have a right to express yourself.”

Now there is information for just about any interest group worlwide. From cooking recipes to cruise reservations to dating profiles to obscure filmographies. You get the idea. If you read Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail, we are now in a niche culture.

This is all nice and well until religious extremists come into play.

Then something terrible happens.

Terrorists driving airplanes into buildings.

Acts of God (sic) that  uproot trees and leaves thousands missing in action and plenty more homeless.

War, and soldiers die.

Shootings on university campuses, the act of a lon, deranged foreign student.

When comes the time to bury the dead, you will now find representatives of certain religious groups inviting themselves to the burial ceremonies with protest signs.

On these signs, a simple message is painted: God hates fags.

That’s right. Hatemongers. Not only is this message revolting but the religious organisation behind this effort blames every major catastrophy on gay people. The world is being punished because of sodomites. Lesbians seem to be spared by that flawless argument.
What do sodomites have to do with a school shooting?

Where does freedom of speech end and where does rightful censorship begin?

When it comes to beliefs as intimate as faith, how do we determine the moment when spreading that faith and its underlying rationale (sic) is not an act of imposing your religion onto others?

In the case of a religious ceremony, such as a burial, how do you exclude someone who comes to deliberately disrupt what is supposed to be your final goodbye to a departed friend?

I don’t have answer to these questions but I just fail to comprehend how, in 2007, people can justify their hatemongering through religion.

I’m done ranting. Feel free to comment and discuss, as long as it’s constructive.


Election présidentielle 2007 : qui choisir?

Les programmes des candidats se suivent et se ressemblent, mais voici deux liens hébergés par Le Monde qui permettront de vous faire une meilleure idée de quel est le candidat qui répond le mieux à vos attentes de Français(e).

On peut juste regreter le degré de finesse des résultats du quiz: la dernière question sur l’adhésion de la Turquie vous fait soit basculer à l’extrème gauche, soit à l’extrême droite 🙂

De mon côté, j’ai fait ma procuration car je serai en Belgique ce week end 😦

N’oubliez pas de voter et que le meilleur gagne!


Protect phpBB forum from spammers

Quick test:

  1. Are you a forum admin like myself?
  2. Do you receive shitloads of phony user account creation requests daily?
  3. Do these requests include a porn link in applicants’ web profile?

If you answered ‘yes’ to at least two of the above questions, you’re probably going mad right now.

If you’re going to keep phpBB as your web forum solution, may i recommend the following add-ons:


  • phpBB v3.0 is coming up soon; will be a major overhaul to upgrade from v2.x but will be more secure.
  • Simple Machines Forums : updatable, modular, secure; can migrate phpBB data to SMF (what I used for PD boards)

With that said, happy posting/moderating/banning 😀

*Pesky russian pornsters!!*

Interview chez

J’ai récemment fait l’objet d’une interview par Adrien Naeem de, le portail francophone des Web Analytics.

J’y parle de mon parcours personnel, de mon travail chez OX2 et de ma vision des Web Analytics.


A simple offering of earth and water…

Scott Ransoomair of VG Cats fame does it again, with an hilarious spoof of Frank Miller’s 300 movie.

VG Cats is a web comic with plots based on video games, usually very funny 😉


Link: VG Cats #229 : Koopa!

Dehydrated Ryanair out of on-flight drinks?

So I was trying to book a flight between Grenoble and Dublin, their booking system failed and this is the error message I got:


I guess we passengers are supposed to die of thirst over the course of the flight.

I mean come on, it’s already bad enough we cant bring liquids onboard  but this sounds ridiculous 😉

Then again, the flight is only 80 minutes…

Either way, I wonder who in their right mind would program a function called “_dehydrate” into a flight booking system.

If someone has an explanation for this, feel free to comment! 🙂

18/04/2007 : rencontre Web Analytique à Bruxelles

Si vous n’êtes pas au courant, OX2 et sa business unit organisent un Web Analytics Wednesday le mercredi 18 avril

Plus de détails sur le blog de ou sur le site d’Eric Peterson.

Venez nombreux, OX2 paye la première tournée 😉

Pour info, Adrien Naeem de va organiser un évènement similaire à Paris au mois de mai et je suis d’ores et déjà convié à venir y parler.

Welcome to Julien Coquet’s blog!

This blog is titled Negligible Quantities, after these small details that you always miss... and that end up messing up your plans!

Web culture in general and Web Analytics in particular depend on details. Most of my posts relay information that consists of details of importance to me.

I am Country Manager for France for the Web Analytics Association (WAA)

Bienvenue sur le blog de Julien Coquet

Ce blog est un espace où je parle de ces petits détails chers à mes analyses du Web.

Vous y trouverez des billets sur mon humeur du moment, mes coups de coeurs mais aussi mes coups de gueule :-)

Je suis responsable pour la France de la Web Analytics Association (WAA)

Le nom du blog, Negligible Quantities, est inspiré de Manu Larcenet et de ses Quantités Négligeables

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