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HADOPI: quand le 118 000 fait sa pub

De temps en temps, je scrolle jusqu’en bas de pour voir les guignols dont la pub apparaît dans mon encart AdSense de pied de page…

Bien m’en a pris puisque sous mes yeux héberlués je vois passer une bannière Flash du service de renseignements (sic) téléphonique “118 000” qui fait de la pub pour… HADOPI?!

Voici ci-dessous une capture d’écran de la bannière:





Ou comment récupérer un projet de loi pour faire vendre.

D’autant plus qu’on ne voit pas le rapport entre HADOPI et 118 000. “Donner son avis?” Comment un service de renseignements à 1.35€ la minute va m’aider à m’exprimer au juste?

Me demande quel ministre/politicien/parti/lobby (rayer les Christines inutiles) a commandité cette pub.

Rappel, 118 000 est le service de renseignements téléphoniques d’Orange / France Télécom / opérateur d’état historique (insérer amalgames supplémentaires ici)…


Where were you when Obama was inaugurated?

Where were you when Obama became president?Arguably, the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as 44th president of the United States of America will be one of the historic events of our lifetime.

So if your children and grandchildren ask you: “where were you when Obama became president?”, hopefully you’ll have an answer!

Mine is: I was having lunch at a Chili’s in New Jersey 😉

I’m a sucker for speeches and they make me cry all the time. This time was no exception 😉

And if you really must know, I had the spicy shrimp salad with a side of chili and a bottomless cup of Dr Pepper.

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2008: a recap

Well, 2008 has been quite a ride, to say the least!

Of course, the highlight of this year was the arrival of baby Guillaume. As you can imagine, Cécile and I are very happy and parenthood is definitely a life-changing experience – on more than one level!
Guillaume is very healthy and making very proud. Of course everything he experiences is new and, in a way, it’s new to us as well 😉

I actually thought I had lost the ability to be amazed at anything, what with the Internet and information overload. I found it refreshing that my son was able to prove me wrong!

Also, we got two sets of newly retired grandparents to start worshipping Guillaume 😉

Professionally speaking, it’s been a great year, with loads of challenging projects and interesting clients. I am very much present on the web analytics evangelisation scene in France and I received unexpected attention and recognition as a WA expert and thought leader in France. Now that I got used to this, I intend to kick said evangelisation efforts up a notch. More on that topic soon 😉

Joining the LBi Group definitely spiced things up! Of course my French activities have pretty much de facto shifted from a France/Belgium territory to a Europe-/world-wide playground. Despite the intrinsically dematerialized nature of web analytics, getting onboard with larger-scale worldwide projects also meant more traveling. 

On this topic, traveling has taken its toll lately and I really need to take more vacation days more frequently instead of hoarding them all up and wait till years end when i’m all burned out anyway 😀

In other news: 

  • Iraq still occupied.
  • Obama elected – yay!
  • My son Guillaume was born (did I mention that already? ;-))
  • Financial market meltdown – woo! I’m so glad Europe does not have so much of a credit culture. We pay cash or with very few installments to avoid debt-related charges.
  • Riots in Greece

I could add more but franly, 2008 has been a blur 🙂 So I’ll let Jib Jab do it:

Des concurrents à Mickaël Vendetta?

bikk_goldJe vais pas faire davantage de pub à ce parasite de Mickaël Vendetta mais il semblerait que la “bogossitude” ne s’arrête pas à lui 😉

Sarah Palin: website fail

I know Sarah Palin, John McCain’s vice-presidential candidate, was a total stranger to about 99% of the US population (not counting Alaska of course), not to mention no one had ever heard of her outside of the United States.

Now that she’s in the spotlight, it feels the Republican Party is rushing all things Palin, including the official website. Try browsing to and you will get a dreaded 403 Forbidden error.


Now we’re all about getting to know Sarah. Despite the utter lack of experience. And the nepotism.

Heck, I don’t even know if this is her official website.

But deep down inside, you feel something’s not quite right. Matt Damon nails it in this video:

Remember, if you’re going to pull a VP candidate out of a hat, remember the ‘new boy/gal’ factor may not always work. TV’s slowly dying so try planning ahead so that your web communication is impeccable 🙂

Télécharger Google Chrome

Si vous avez -comme de nombreuses personnes- essayé de télécharger Chrome, le nouveau navigateur de Google, vous devrez attendre ce soir le (2/9) à 21h heure de Paris.

Le téléchargement se fera sur

En attendant, je livre mon analyse de l’impact de Chrome et de son mode vie privée sur le blog OX2/LBi puisqu’il sort un petit peu avant Internet Explorer 8.

Media companies wonder why people don’t buy DVDs anymore

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Welcome to Julien Coquet’s blog!

This blog is titled Negligible Quantities, after these small details that you always miss... and that end up messing up your plans!

Web culture in general and Web Analytics in particular depend on details. Most of my posts relay information that consists of details of importance to me.

I am Country Manager for France for the Web Analytics Association (WAA)

Bienvenue sur le blog de Julien Coquet

Ce blog est un espace où je parle de ces petits détails chers à mes analyses du Web.

Vous y trouverez des billets sur mon humeur du moment, mes coups de coeurs mais aussi mes coups de gueule :-)

Je suis responsable pour la France de la Web Analytics Association (WAA)

Le nom du blog, Negligible Quantities, est inspiré de Manu Larcenet et de ses Quantités Négligeables

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